Adaptive 3D Technologies, LLC
Develops tough 3D printing materials and robust printing systems.

Ares Materials
Developing electronic materials that enable the full potential of rugged, lightweight and flexible display and sensor technologies.

Astrapi Corp
The leader in a revolutionary method of communication – spiral-based modulation, a game-changing force in communications technology. Astrapi’s technology will support performance advances across a wide range of radio communications

Belltown Power
Belltown Power actively engages in the acquisition, construction and operation of renewable energy projects.

Cersci Therapeautics
Developing next-generation non-opioid pain therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic pain. Our novel chemistry and biological targets offer the potential for first-in-class disease-modifying therapeutics for pain.

Data Security Technologies
At Data Security Technologies LLC, we are developing innovative technologies for securing big data stored in NoSQL systems. Our first product, PrivateMR system, is being built on top of existing NoSQL systems (e.g., Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark etc.) to enforce wide range of security, privacy and governance policies.

Emtec Solution
Product development company specializing in designing and building new custom hardware and software, in addition to modifying existing ones.

Cutting-edge technology designed to develop efficient Language translators fairly quickly. Interoperate’s future plans include leveraging its translation technology to perform migrations in other areas such as migrating legacy mainframe software to more modern platforms.

Innovative Drone Technology for Education, Business and Communities. OnPoynt is the nation’s leading supplier of Drone Aerial Robotics Equipment and training for STEM Education. OnPoynt is a veteran-owned business.

A new way to outsmart pain.

PlayersRev Sports
Technology hasn’t made adult basketball better. Our new app, EPLAY by Players Revolution does by matching players, venues, and officials together.

R9 Technology
R9 Technology provides the hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure to enable quick and easy deployment of IoT solutions. We focus on cost effective, small form factor, and low power technologies.

TRS TechRover Solutions
10 years of experience working in web development and working on US-based projects including mobile application development in native and web based frameworks.

The most efficient, scalable, and easy-to-use workforce management platform.

TrivTech Dx
TrivTech Dx is developing novel platform technologies for point-of-care molecular diagnostics. Patent pending technologies will enable automated on-cartridge processing and electronic detection of target biomarkers.

Max IR Labs
Max-IR is an early-stage company specializing in production of materials for infrared spectral range and related optics. Max-IR Labs develops IR sensor technology for real-time chemical analysis and non-contact thermal monitoring.

Just like how bees collect nectar from different flowers and store it in a bee hive, our UNIBEES collect all the sweet things, such as free giveaways, deals, entertainment etc. in and around your university campus to bring it to your fingertips.

Vigilant Labels
A solution designed by an anesthesiologist, that delivers on the needs of multiple stakeholders. It simplifies the labeling process for CRNAs and anesthesiologists. It ensures compliance for the Pharmacist and OR Manager. It makes for one less headache for hospital leadership. The beauty is in the simplicity, just two clicks to print.

Vital Art and Science
The mVT® App detects early vision problems in patients with AMD and Diabetes, leading to sooner assessments and better vision retention.

Qualia, Inc. seeks to further the field of bioelectronics through its introduction of a broad range of softening neural devices, which will enable researchers and medical device companies to map neural circuits, regulate biological processes, and ultimately treat a host of clinical conditions by stimulating or blocking key neural signals in the body.

Qubit Labs is engaged in research, development and marketing of personalized predictive analytics valuable both for individuals and healthcare institutions.