The Innovate(her) program was created to educate young women about technology, finance and the entrepreneurial mindset necessary for a successful future. Participants will engage with professional women mentors from the community through a series of activities designed to encourage innovative thinking. Break-out sessions include:

  • Technology
  • Design Thinking
  • Financial Management
  • Developing Personal Brand

Middle School Participants

Middle School’s participants can apply.

The University of Texas at Dallas’ Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will not take custodial responsibility of minors while participating in Innovate(her). Custodial responsibility will remain with teachers K-12, parents, legal guardians, and chaperones.

Registration is now closed.



Want to help out at the event? Current UT Dallas students are needed as volunteers. 


Innovate(her) 2020 will take place in the spring. Stay tuned for more information!

For more information, please contact:

Denyse Carpio

Assistant to Center Director

Dresden Goldberg

Director Programs & Operations