Venture Development Incubator Program Offering

 VDC FALL 2017 Key Dates

  • Interested in joining the incubator? APPLY HERE
  • Applications Due: September 30th, 2017
  • Decisions Announced: October 1st, 2017
  • Entrepreneur Development Series Start: September 20, 2017

The Venture Development Center at UT Dallas provides an award winning space and customized support system to all the companies housed at the VDC with one main goal- helping our companies grow.

 We understand that there is no simple formula for success and growing a business requires significant time and energy. We provide the resources, education, and mentorship necessary for growing a business.

Each company accepted into the incubator will have access to the following:

Initial Assessment and Benchmark

Our team will meet with you and set appropriate milestones for your company as well as identify areas where we can help.

Action Plan

After the assessment,  the milestones along with an action plan will be recorded in Ideator. We will then meet with the team twice a year ( or more often if needed) to review progress and identify areas where support is needed.

Programmatic and Community Engagement

Over the time period, your company is housed at the VDC  we will leverage internal training programs through the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship such as the Entrepreneurial Development Series and CometX accelerator program. These programs, coupled with education, networking, and mentorship across the startup community will help place you on a path to success.

Fundraising Strategy and Connections

Incubator clients will work with our team to define fundraising needs and key milestones that will enable connections into the capital community. Opportunities to pitch in front of investors, as well as direct introductions, will be facilitated.

Customer Development and Partner Introductions

Our team will work with the company to leverage our network in connecting their business with industry contacts for partnership and customer development opportunities.

PR and Communications

As a client of the VDC, you will have access to communications and public relations support directly through the UT Dallas network and indirectly through VDC team led introductions.


By partnering with the Venture Development Center, clients will have access to high-quality undergraduate and graduate students at UT Dallas who are passionate about internships with high growth startups.

Facilities and Labs

As a client of the Venture Development Center, you will have access to facilities and labs at cost-effective prices with the opportunity to work with world-class faculty on research, grants, and commercialization.

Exclusive Resources

From Amazon Web Services, Rackspace free hosting credits to UTD technology discounts, and access to countless databases through the UTD Library, our startups get an access to an array of resources to help them get started with limited resources.