Student Startup Internship Fair

2017 Participating Startup Companies:

24by7 Courier: Creating a courier service that operates 24by7

  • Position Available: Product evaluation-sales/marketing strategy intern
  • Paid (20 hrs/week) & Unpaid (5hrs/week)

Astrapi Corporation: Astrapi defines and controls and entirely new field – spiral modulation. Spiral modulation addresses an acute problem – the spectrum crisis. The spectrum crisis is impacting four massive market opportunities – satellite, wireless, defense, and IoT.

  • Position Available: Signal modulation intern (electrical engineering)
  • Paid (20 hrs/week)
  • Position Available: RF signal modulation research engineer intern
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hrs/week)

AvidFit: Startup fitness company that offers instruction exercise classes and personal training services for apartment residents on-site at their apartment gym.

  • Position Available: Sales representative
  • Paid (open hours)
  • Position Available: Fitness Trainer
  • Paid (open hours) Betafy connects startups with beta users. In doing so, Betafy tries to help both end.

  • Position Available: Startup interview intern
  • Unpaid (10 hours/week)

Black-Tie Babysitting, Inc.: Provides on-site childcare at special occasions, wedding, and business events.

  • Position Available: Marketing intern
  • Unpaid (6-10 hours/week)

Bold Idea: Education non-profit based in Dallas that combines computer science, mentoring, and team-based learing to empower a diverse student population in Dallas and Collin Counties.

  • Position Available: Computer science curriculum development intern (computer science and/or child development majors)
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)
  • Position Available: Marketing/communications/social media
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)

Cause Studio: 501c3 nonprofit initiative of FJC, aims to reduce the number of failing startup nonprofit organizations by providing resources, training and tools that are designed to scale, encourage collaboration and sustain impactful programs and services.

  • Position Available: Startup recruitment associate intern
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)
  • Position Available: Social media associate intern
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)

DASH Auction: DASH is the only digital auction platform built specifically for professional sports teams.

  • Position Available: Digital media content intern
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)

Della’s House of Giving: Provides fundamental resources to children in under-served communities in aims of reducing hunger and increasing literacy rates.

  • Position Available: Project management intern
  • Paid: 6-10 hours/week
  • Position Available: Volunteer fundraiser/organizer
  • Unpaid: 6-10 hours/week

EarthWater: EarthWater is a startup health and wellness company with a mission to provide products that contain valuable micro nutrients for your body with pure unique, holistic, natural ingredients supported by “fulvic and humic compounds”.

  • Position Available: Marketing intern
  • Paid: 20-30 hours/week
  • Position Available: Social media/influencer intern
  • Paid: 20-30 hours/week

Iuzeit: Website and app that simplifies the consumer purchase experience through a simplified, consumer friendly, data-driven approach.

  • Multiple positions available
  • Paid: flexible hours

JumpCelerator: Startup business accelerator that passionately supports select entrepreneurs launching their own companies, mentoring them in the art of business, and guiding them towards success.

  • Position Available: General intern
  • Paid (40 hours/week) E commerce site focused on supplying South Asian weddings and educating users about the various wedding ceremonies and traditions involved in the many South Asian communities.

  • Position Available: General intern
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)

ParkHub: Parking global distribution sustem which collects, processes, transmits, and organizes parking location, availability, and pricing data.

  • Position Available: Operations intern and support specialist
  • Paid (15-20 hours/week)
  • Position Available: JR web developer and JR data analysis
  • Paid

Physmodo: A device designed based on the Microsoft Kinect technology that scans the movement of a person performing a basic squat exercise to ID musculoskeletal weakness.

  • Position Available: Web design, design and coding, photoshop design, and big data analysis
  • Paid (20 hours/week)

Praulia: Proprietary software matching system that generates wedding vendor matches for brides based on style, budget, and availability.

  • Position Available: Marketing intern
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)
  • Position Available: Software engineer
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)

Ride-A-Long Media: Helps local businesses get in front of the right people at the intersection of the right place and time. We do so by recruiting Uber/Lyft drivers and paying them to mount a tablet to the back of their headrest.

  • Position Available: Application developer
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)
  • Position Available: Back-end developer
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)

Scientific Concepts: Holds patents in scalable FPGA computing, security, and SDN networking. We are currently developing FPGA vendor neutral interconnect IP optimized for OpenCL workloads, global memory accesses, streaming data pipes and data packers encapsulated into switched cells.

  • Position Available: Driver software developer
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)
  • Position Available: Parallel software developer
  • Unpaid (less than 15 hours/week)

SoCu: Influencer marketplace that reduces the time and expense to hire and influencer, while committing to research, amplification, and implementation of knowledge rearing payment rates, training, standards, and practical usage.

  • Position Available: Graphic Designer intern
  • Paid (5-10 hours/week)
  • Position Available: Marketing/sales intern
  • Paid (5-10 hours/week)
  • Position Available: Data engineer/scientist
  • Paid (flexible hours)
  • Position: Web application developer
  • Paid (flexible hours)

SpiceMadam: Global spice subscription box.

  • Position Available: Public relations/marketing intern
  • Unpaid (5-10 hours/week)
  • Position Available: Content creator intern
  • Unpaid (5-10 hours/week)

The Loyal Closet: Changes the way a professional woman gets dressed by virtually managing her wardrobe and purchases, serving as an integral part of her morning routine. For $50/month, a client receives access to an online portal with recommended purchases personalized to her current wardrobe, career, body type and trends.

  • Position available: Content creator/social media intern
  • Unpaid (10 hours/week)

TickerTags: Captures and measures the activity of conversations across different social content for investment industry applications.

  • Position Available: Data entry/news reading/SEC reading/sentiment annotation intern
  • Paid (10 hours/week)

TowTax: New SaaS roadside assistance platform that connects tow truck operators with individuals who need roadside assistance.

  • Position Available: Business development intern
  • Paid (20 hours/week)

TrackSafe GPS: One system for increased field service productivity including tool loss prevention and safety (sos and man-down). IoT solution includes wearable with GSM, GPS, Acceleramoeter, BLE and battery. Mobile and tablet apps and cloud based dashboard for management.

  • Position Available: Technology development intern
  • Paid (30 hours/week)
  • Position Available: Marketing/general major intern
  • Paid (30 hours/week)


Are you a startup looking for interns? Are you a student looking for an internship?

The Student Startup Internship Fair features local startup companies looking for interns to fill various positions to help their startup grow. Undergraduate and graduate students of all majors are welcome to attend.

The Student Startup Internship Fair exposes students to the world of entrepreneurship and the Dallas startup scene through a possible internship opportunity with one of the attending startup companies. In turn, students may one day work for a local startup or create a venture of their own that will add to the economic prosperity of the Dallas business community.

2017 Student Startup Internship Fair

This year’s event will be held on Monday, April 17th from 7:00P.M.-9:00P.M. on UTD’s campus.

Who Can Attend?

Registration is required for both students and companies. This is not an open event.

This event is open to ALL CURRENT UTD students of all majors and class. Both undergraduate and graduate students who are looking for a summer and/or fall 2017 internship with a North Texas startup company are encouraged to attend.

Student Registration 

Any NTX startup company with both full and part-time intern positions are encouraged to apply. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive status of your applications. Space is limited to 25 startup companies. All paid positions must be W-2 employees. Unpaid positions must be 15 hrs/week or less and must clearly state the goals and objectives of the internship. UTD does not aid in the hiring process and is not responsible for the internship experience of the company and student.

Startup Company Registration 

For more information regarding internships, please contact IIE Assistant Director Tara Vornkahl at