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ReMode’s Debut Year Brings Together Over 1,000 Attendees: Celebrates Leaders in Sustainability and Innovation With Inaugural ReMode Fashion Awards

GlobeNewswire: ReMode’s inaugural edition brought together over 1,000 participants, both days, representing all sectors of the fashion industry including thought leaders, top brands, retailers, technology providers, finance partners, and […]

Nicole Mossman wants to take your online shopping experience to the next level

LaunchDFW: There isn’t anything more disappointing than when you order something online and when it finally arrives, it’s not at all what you thought you were purchasing. Online shopping […]

David Hanson Talks Importance of Integrating Technology and the Arts

JSOM Perspectives: In today’s Shark Tank nation, where entrepreneurship has been popularized by reality TV, having a Ph.D. in arts and humanities might not seem like money (and time) well […]

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