About the Institute

The mission of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to utilize education, training, mentorship, and resources to support students, faculty, and staff in the launch of new businesses.

Who We Are

  • The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) is a specialized institute within UT Dallas that promotes cross-disciplinary academic and startup programs for the students, faculty, staff, and entrepreneurial community.
  • We bring together ideas and technology to launch new ventures and support the growth of all companies, small and large.
  • We work with all seven schools of UT Dallas, offering students a full curriculum of graduate and undergraduate courses, an undergraduate minor and concentration, and master’s-level courses and degrees.
  • Small and large companies profit from involvement with the Institute, through consultation with faculty members who have real-world business experience, access to future employees who are out-of-the-box thinkers, and participation in entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial community programs.

Our Priorities and Goals


  • Supporting entrepreneurial education, training, and leadership across the UT Dallas campus
  • Venture commercialization for university research
  • Career preparation for students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Launching new businesses founded by students, faculty, and staff


  • Educate students and faculty
  • Promote innovation and involvement in entrepreneurial activities across the University
  • Be an active participant in the North Texas ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Mentor students through graduation
  • Build competitive programs