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The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) is a specialized center within UT Dallas that promotes cross-disciplinary academic and outreach programs for students, faculty, and business community. We bring together the power of ideas and technology to create new ventures and support the growth of all companies, small and large. Collaborating with all seven schools of UT Dallas, we offer students a full curriculum of graduate and undergraduate courses, an undergraduate minor and concentration, and masters level degrees.

Students and faculty from all disciplines at UT Dallas have ideas. The IIE serves to support and nurture those ideas as part of many educational and innovation experiences. For the students, this enhances their experience with outside mentoring, relationships, and perspectives. For mentors, this participation creates more successful innovators and innovations, exposure to capable students, and is personally rewarding and compelling. Faculty also benefits from this support as they work to commercialize technology and advance business concepts.


  • Mentor – Commit time to mentor a team during one of the IIE’s courses or programs
  • Guest Lecturer – Provide a 30-60 minutes topical lecture based upon your expertise
  • Service Provider – Commit free or discounted services to a UT Dallas startup team
  • Sponsor – Commit financial support of an IIE program or UT Dallas startup team


  • Advice is free – no strings attached; IIE facilitated matching of student and advisor
  • Educational focus – guidance, not direction; expectation for both advisor and advisee
  • Guard against possible conflicts of interest; confidentiality in keeping students’ best interest(s)


  • IIE coordinated, mutual engagement schedule during a semester or other defined and agreed period
  • Weekly communication, perhaps 1-2 hours a week, or as appropriate
  • Attend occasional review/class meetings, as available


  • Expertise in a functional or industry setting
  • Experience and/or current position reflects a background working with start-up companies, building businesses, investing in startup ventures, or been an entrepreneur themselves
  • Agree to confidentiality or administrative process in the event, required by UT Dallas