UT Dallas Seed Fund

 The UT Dallas Seed Fund, a program of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, invests exclusively in technology startups founded by UTD students, faculty, staff, alumni and other program affiliates. The UT Dallas Seed Fund seeks to invest in early-stage businesses with inventions, discoveries, products or services that have achieved proof of concept (or a prototype) and are ready for commercial product development.

Applications are open for Fall 2018

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Criteria and Guidelines

The Fund will consider proposals using the following evaluation criteria:

  • Affiliation with UT Dallas.
  • Technology has achieved proof of concept or prototype and is ready for commercial product development.
  • Strong value proposition and clear points of differentiation.
  • Large addressable markets.
  • Business capable of generating venture scale returns (>5x return on invested capital).
  • Founding team has key skills and committed to venture success.


September 1st: Applications Open

September 30th: Applications Close

October 12th: Top candidates selected

October 26th: Secondary applications due

September 20th – October 31st: In-person pitch meetings and demos

November 1st – November 30th: Final due diligence and in-person meetings

December 4th: Final recommendations made to the committee

Dec 14th: Investments formally announced

*The dates above are subject to change at any time.

Please direct questions to Bryan Chambers at bryan.chambers@utdallas.edu

2018 Analysts

Ardi Isufaj

Hirbod Bigvand

Jay Dave

Raza Siddiqi

Rohit Shenoy