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Become a Financial Partner

Your financial partnership will support the Institute involvement in the North Texas innovation ecosystem. Your investment will provide you with key logo and name placement, as well as recognition at IIE activities and events.

Your financial support goes towards the daily operations of the Institute and your program sponsorships will support one or more of our other programs.

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  • Mentor – Commit time to mentor a team during one of the IIE’s courses or programs
  • Guest Lecturer – Provide a 30-60 minutes topical lecture based upon your expertise
  • Service Provider – Commit free or discounted services to a UT Dallas startup team
  • Sponsor – Commit financial support of an IIE program or UT Dallas startup team

To begin the process of joining the UT Dallas IIE Venture Advisory Services, please contact

Allow Students to Work

  • Provide part-time internships or permanent employment to our students, who are smart, motivated, and out-of-the-box thinkers.
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship/Startup Launch Projects. Benefit from the rigor of graduate innovation and entrepreneurship student research, analysis and recommendations, and enjoy cost-free assistance when your company’s project/initiative is integrated into a course.

Contact Info

Please contact us for additional information on any of our initiatives:

Denyse Kritschgau

Academic Support Coordinator