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Caplar Maps

An augmented reality platform that provides digital maps to attractions and provides real-time information that shows where events and activities begin. It provides an intuitive map that makes finding your way, hassle-free.


Unibees app keeps you notified about each event every day and university events where you can find free food and other free stuff.



OnPoynt Aerial Solutions

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OnPoynt Aerial Solutions provides drone assembly kits that allow students to open a box, build a drone, and fly it while picking up lessons on construction, physics, aerodynamics, mechanics, teamwork, and grit.

Ted’s Brain Science Products

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Ted’s Pain Cream was created by a pair of neuroscientists, Ted Price and Greg Dussor. It only takes the ingredients in Ted’s™ pain cream a few days to turn the nerve pain volume back down, maybe even permanently.

Code Blue Jewelry

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Beautifully handcrafted jewelry designed to be worn as personalized ID.

Fifth and Cherry

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Fifth & Cherry creates high end, one of a kind, handmade cutting boards that will last a lifetime so you can pass them down from generation to generation.